Gladiator 2.0

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The Verus Kayaks Gladiator 2.0s are making their way all around North America for 2021!

East Coast inventory is LOW. Check out our Dealer Locator to find your boat! Stock is still available at the following shops; CKS, CKS Online, 4CRS,  Montrose Surf and Cycle, Idaho River Sports, and Next Adventure!

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Gladiator 2.0

The Gladiator 2.0 is the perfected version of our flagship river runner. Our team has taken this kayak down everything from cruising class II to charging class V creeks. The Gladiator has proven to be the most versatile boat in our quiver. Drawing from slalom designs, the widest part of the Gladiator is right behind the cockpit at 27”. This improves stability for beginners and allows experts to make dynamic moves while running challenging whitewater. The displacement hull is easy to roll, forgiving in chaotic waters and above all, FAST.  The new, low-profile stern will spice up your paddling and let you play all the way down your favorite run. Try a Gladiator today and find out what you can unlock from this timeless design.

The boats are here and you may have seen one around a river near you already so order your boat now and escape reality with us.

Specs:           Length: 8’11”          Width: 27″          Volume: 72 Gallons

                   Weight: 44 lbs        Cockpit: XL       Paddler Range: 120lbs- 260lbs

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2 reviews for Gladiator 2.0

  1. Robert Edmondson

    I picked up a Gladiator 2.0 late last year and could not be happier. This boat is fast, very stable, and so much fun to paddle. With a narrow bow and widest point behind the hips, it is very much like a slalom boat and you have complete control driving from your hips. Add a bit of lean and engage that back edge and it will knife in and out of eddys. Surfs like a dream with the flat bottom and perfect rocker profile. Just enough volume to handle big water and the perfect amount of slice in that tail. I love to peel out and load the stern with water and feel the river push you downstream. This is my go-to boat for just about everything. It is perfect for beginners with it’s stability. It is easy to roll, and as you advance and learn to use edges it will teach you proper technique.

  2. Kelley Cox

    I’ve been out in my gladiator a half a dozen times now, and I must say I am loving this hull design. I would consider my self a novice boater, and this boat is fun and fast and gives me just enough feedback on what I am doing wrong, but without the beat downs. This thing comes alive in class 3 and also shines when your awkward bouncing off of rocks and trying to keep it together. Super stable, secondary stability and recovery ability is killer.

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