Flux M/L


The Flux M/L

Introducing the FLUX creekboat from Verus Kayaks.  We made this boat for days when the waters are rising, and the run gets steep. The combination of a massive rocker profile and a compact platform, makes this kayak as forgiving as it is nimble. From tight maneuvers on the steepest creeks, to big water glory moves, the Flux has your back. While it’s not a race boat, it has the speed you need to stick your lines through pushy water, and the skips will leave you with a grin you can’t get rid of. Particularly when you turn back upstream and watch your buddies struggle to get through that last drop you just laced. The Flux eats boofs for breakfast, slides for lunch, and hydraulics for dinner.  But don’t take my word for it… #FluxAroundAndFindOut

Pre-order kayaks will be distributed in April-May of 2023. Once your order is placed, we will get in touch with you to confirm your expected delivery time. Please select ‘Local Retailer/Roanoke Pickup’ for a free shipping option. With this option, your boat will be distributed to a nearby whitewater dealer and stored until you are ready for pickup. Where ever you may be, we’ll find a way to get you your kayak. If you have any questions, contact us here!

Check out our Dealer Locator! Every shop on this list is an awesome resource for all things whitewater. Better yet, they’ll be carrying Verus Kayaks! If you have any questions during the pre-order, or any want to demo a boat in the spring, make sure to stop by your local, brick-and-mortar whitewater shop to support the community and meet some incredible folks! Purchasing a boat off 0ur website will directly support your local whitewater shop!


Length: 8’8”                 Width: 26″                    Volume: 88 Gallons

Weight: 50 lbs               Cockpit: XL                Paddler Range: 150lbs- 250lbs


With our new US manufacturing partners, we’re more confident than ever before in the quality and durability of our kayaks. Therefor, we’ve beefed up our warranty to show you these boat are made to last. The purchase of any Verus Kayak is now covered by our 5 year warranty and hull replacement program.  For warranty information click here!

In stores April-May 2023. Pre-Order your boat now!

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