Warranty Disclaimer:

At Verus Kayaks we care about the quality of our products, and making sure paddlers get the most out of their boat.

  • Verus offers a standard one year warranty on all products.
  • The warranty covers plastic and parts, manufacturing and material defects.
  • The manufacturer or seller will be responsible to change and/or repair the kayak or any part thereof.
  • Verus Kayaks is not responsible for any additional warrantees granted by the seller.
  • Kayaking is a dangerous sport and Verus Kayaks assumes no liability for any damage or injury incurred during the use of its products.

Conditions of claim:

  • Proof of Kayak purchased as the original owner must be presented.
  • A written explanation and photographs of damage must be provided.
  • The justification of the claim must be authorized by Verus Kayaks.

Warranty is not valid in the following cases:

  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Any damage incurred by improper, excessive or abusive use.
  • Scenarios where damage to a kayak might normally be expected (For example, when a kayak has filled with water and impacted or pinned against rocks).
  • Rock pitons or heavy impacts on rocks.
  • Folds from impacts on large waterfalls.
  • Changes made to the shell or outfitting of the kayak (including customization or repair), except where this work has been completed by Verus Kayaks.
  • Damage to the boat from using a modified brace or from removal of the reinforcing foam pillars.
  • Damage during transportation and shipping.
  • Damage to the kayak caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight, high heat or severe cold.

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