The Hellbender is the most radical design on the market today. This boat was forged with the desired to create an aggressive, high-performance, slicing machine. The team drew inspiration from the classics and applied modern design innovations to create a truly unique kayak, unlike anything you’ve paddled to date. Like all great slice designs, splats, spins and getting vertical is effortless. But you’ve seen that before, and you’ve probably got a great 20-year-old boat for that style of paddling. What sets the Hellbender apart is our narrow planning hull and hard edges that allows for high-speed surfs, righteous pop and radical carving ability on waves. One surf in the Hellbender and you’ll know what we’re talking about. This boat will change the way you look at rivers. From stern squirting the smallest of eddylines to catching the world’s biggest waves, the Hellbender you will open your mind to fun and leave you grinning all the way down the river.


Length: 7’8″          Width: 24″          Volume: 50 Gallons

Weight: 36 lbs        Cockpit:  L       Paddler Range: 100lbs- 200lbs

The Hull

The Hellbender implements a planing hull designed for aggressive surfability and play. At only 24 inches wide, the Hellbender carves hard down the face of a wave and maintains speed when moving down river. Fast and glassy or frothy and trashy, the hellbender is made to surf it all. 

Key Points

  • Hard Planning hull
  • Sharp Chines
  • Narrow- speed and dynamic carving
  • Think of it as modern full slice met a surf kayak
  • It is one of the only true carving boats on the market 

The Bow

The low volume bow and high knee position allow for a unique combination of freestyle abilities. End over end cartwheels are bread and butter here, but with the right feature, this boat can loop as well. Performance on a wave is exceptional, and the Hellbender is perfect for discovering new moves on your local run. All of that, plus comfort for your feet up front, and you’ll see why this is our go to boat for playing around. 

Key Points

  • High Knee height for leverage
  • Volume in the feet for comfort

The Stern

If you love staring up at the clouds, this is boat for you! Stern squirts are absolutely effortless in the Hellbender, and the balance on-end is exceptional. Every eddyline is a playground, and the river is theme park of your own design. 

Key Points

  • Highly playful stern 
  • Slicey ends for verticality

Intergalactic Outfitting

Featuring the simple and exceptionally solid Intergalactic Outfitting kit, the Hellbender come ready to fit a wide range of boaters. The fully rotomolded seat/gear tray provide the paddler with a sturdy platform and a customizable fit. Up in the bow, you’ll find an adjustable foam footblock to customize for the paddler. We’ll go through here piece by piece and speak to the key elements of the design. 

Bulkhead- Footrest

Up in the bow, you’ll find the adjustable foam bulkhead footrest. By adding or removing foam shims, the paddler can achieve ergonomic foot placement and comfort on the river. 

Key Points

  • Adjustable foam footblock
  • Customizable fit and ergonomic comfort


The seat is fully rotomolded, adjustable and exceptionally sturdy.  Mounting through the dropdown inside the the cockpit rim, the seat position can be adjusted in the field using the included allen key provided and stored in the stern foam pillar. Further, you’ll find closed cell foam underneath the seat to provide additional support for the hull. Finally, the rear end of the seat provides two gear loops to clip any additional gear into the kayak.

Key Points

  • Additional Foam Kit to build seat higher and give additional leg support under thighs
  • Integrated gear tray for water bottle or throw rope.
  • Gear loops behind seat.

Back Band

 The ratcheting backband provides an easy to adjust platform and high quality materials making it the strongest and most comfortable system available on the market. We sourced 1 inch utility polyester webbing with a 3500 lbs break strength and a maximum dynamic working load of over 1200 LBS. In addition, we’ve also backed up the buckles with a heavy duty steel double cam to avoid any chance of slipping.

Key Points

  • Strong- 3500 lbs+ Break strength
  • Easily replaceable
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