The Gladiator 2.0 is the perfected version of our flagship river runner. Our team has taken this kayak down everything from cruising class II to charging class V creeks. The Gladiator has proven to be the most versatile boat in our quiver. Drawing from slalom designs, the widest part of the Gladiator is right behind the cockpit at 27”. This improves stability for beginners and allows experts to make dynamic moves while running challenging whitewater. The displacement hull is easy to roll, forgiving in chaotic waters and above all, FAST.  The new, low-profile stern will spice up your paddling and let you play all the way down your favorite run. Try a Gladiator today and find out what you can unlock from this timeless design.


  Length: 8’11”          Width: 27″          Volume: 72 Gallons

 Weight: 46 lbs        Cockpit: XL       Paddler Range: 120lbs- 230lbs

The Hull

The Gladiator features a classic displacement hull in a modern design package. Great for a steezy fade or smear and always ready to splat, the Gladiator is an incredibly versatile boat for both river running and creeking. At 8′ 11″, the boat is fast to make a move, and with 27 inches of width centered at the hips of the paddler, you’ll feel the stability as soon as you land off the drop.  The width profile is inspired by slalom design which centralizes volume around the paddler and creates an excellent platform for squirts and pivot turns.  

Key Points

  • Full displacement hull
  • Progressive rocker with a planning spot under the hull
  • This allows the boat to have a point to hinge from as it smoothly transitions off a drop or downstream
  • Widest point of the kayak is 27in wide behind where you sit to give you a solid platform for stability and to give it a slalom like feel
  • Easiest kayak to learn in and go from easily rolling to progressing

The Bow

With any half-slice design, the bow is the business end of the boat. We wanted to make sure the Gladiator had enough rocker and bow volume to inspire confidence in river running and creeking maneuvers. Stick your boofs and skip with ease as you move downstream, then go back to swirling in your favorite eddy line or throwing up into your favorite splat.

Key Points

  • Narrow bow for precision maneuvers 
  • This narrow bow cause less “swing weight” in the boat and make it easier to pick up your bow over boofs and waves
  • Ample bow volume for river running

The Stern

After the Original Gladiator design, we knew we wanted something more playful. In removing volume from the stern, we focused on implementing a subtle concavity across the stern deck. When you want to play, throw down into a pivot turn and the concavity will ‘catch’ the current, building up to stand the boat on end. When moving downstream, the stern kick rocker keeps the wing high and dry on the surface of the current.  You’ll also see across the deck of the kayak we’ve implemented five, full sized, aluminum grab handles. These make for easy hard points for strapping boats on a roof rack, or assisting in a river rescue scenario.

Key Points

  • Slicey stern for downriver play
  • Subtle concavity across the stern deck
  • Stern kick rocker keeps wing out of play when moving downstream
  • 5 full sized all aluminum grab handles

Quantum Outfitting System:

We spent much of 2022 developing what we now call the Quantum Outfitting System. Our guiding principles in the design process were simplicity and solidity. We started out with developing fully rotomolded components across the entire system that will provide the paddler with a sturdy platform and a customizable fit. There are no thermoform components and every piece provides additional structural support to the hull. We’ll go through here piece by piece and speak to the key elements of the design. 

Bulkhead- Footrest

Up in the bow, you’ll find the adjustable bulkhead footrest. Similar to the deck lines on the hull, the aesthetic features and plastic geometry implemented here not only look sharp, but they help to improve the part’s stiffness and rigidity. Set at a 15 degree angle, the bulkhead provides ergonomic comfort for the paddler’s feet,

Key Points

  • Fully rotomolded 
  • Improved plastic geometry for increased part stiffness. 
  • 15 degree angle for ergonomic foot placement


At the top of the pillar you’ll find the Droid Head. This piece acts as a keystone that mounts through the deck grab handle and the hull to lock the outfitting into the kayak. It also holds the bow’s foam pillar in place. Further this part provides additional structure and helps distribute force through the bow on impact. 

Key Points

  • Integrated force distribution 
  • Strong
  • Stand on the deck- no flex

Pillar Rail

 With a single piece rotomolded construction, we have eliminated the potential for failure  in the part and improved the quality of our outfitting construction. This piece is lined with closed cell foam underneath to support the hull and provide support for the paddler. Also, you’ll find both a gear tray on the bottom, and additional bungee on the rail for quick access to a throw rope. Finally, while shoulder carrying you kayak, the pillar provides an ergonomic hand grip to improve comfort. 

Key Points

  • Strength and rigidity 
  • Stomp on top/kick the pillar
  • Gear trays and bungee loops- Easy to store water bottle and throw bag
  • Ergonomic hand grip- Easy Carrying


The seat is fully rotomolded, highly adjustable and comfortable for a range of paddler sizes. The boat includes multiple foam shims in the outfitting kit to dial in the fit for a given individual. Mounting to the side of the cockpit rim, the seat position can be adjusted in the field using the included allen key provided and stored in the stern foam pillar. Further, you’ll find closed cell foam underneath the seat to provide additional support for the hull. Finally, the rear end of the seat provides two gear loops to clip any additional gear into the kayak on an overnighter or expedition.

Key Points

  • Additional Foam Kit to build seat higher and give additional leg support under thighs
  • Big and easy to use gear straps behind seat

Back Band

 The ratcheting backband provides an easy to adjust platform and high quality materials making it the strongest and most comfortable system available on the market. We sourced 1 inch utility polyester webbing with a 3500 lbs break strength and a maximum dynamic working load of over 1200 LBS. In addition, we’ve also backed up the buckles with a heavy duty steel double cam to avoid any chance of slipping.

Key Points

  • Strong- 3500 lbs+ Break strength
  • Easily replaceable
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