Verus himself was the last gladiator to have been recorded fighting in the Roman Coliseum. The Gladiators were the epitome of strength and agility.  It is with this in mind, Verus Kayaks strives to achieve this same level of performance and results. The company was born out of the idea of understanding and using the highest quality materials available in the kayaking world today. We are creating the lightest weight and highest quality composite kayaks using carbon fiber, kevlar, and fiberglass. The end product being the most advanced kayaks on the market.In January 2017 we officially launch these great products to the World.  The ideas and inspirations were several years in the making.

In the spring of 2015, after seven different prototypes and long hours of testing, our first product was born with the Volant. A Carbon/Kevlar abrasion resistant freestyle kayak created by layering composites with bonding agents that are then covered by a specialty outer coating.  During the past four years we have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.   We are building a company with learning, testing, and tenacity as the basis of our organizational culture.  We know that we now have a mastery for producing the most technologically advanced kayaks in composite materials and plastic roto-molded kayaks. Stay Tuned!

meet the founder



I was 12 years old when I took my first canoe trip with Northwaters and Langskib.  It was in the rivers and lakes of Northern Ontario and Quebec that I fell in love with being in a boat and the unique relationship you can form with the water. The endless rivers called to me like nothing else had before. This desire moved me to learn boating in a kayak in my home state of Virginia and I have been fortunate enough to run many rivers across the US, Canada, Mexico, and Uganda.

Since I started kayaking I have owned and paddled numerous designs representing many different eras of whitewater boats.  I have had the fortune of being able to experience and study many different hulls, parting lines, rocker profiles, and paddling styles.  My design philosophy has been fashioned by my paddling, my unique perspective on boat contours, and style sensitivities.

Over my time paddling, I became one of the founding members of Free Fall Visuals, a whitewater photography/videography company formed by Adam Freeman, Cody Adams, and myself. During my work with FFV, I have really enjoyed the aspect of capturing the river just as much as hitting the line moments later. Composing shots, getting creative, and working with camera equipment has truly opened my mind up to other unique perspectives in kayaking. It is another great experience I take with me into Verus.

At 25 years old, I am incredibly excited to continue growing this company in Roanoke, Virginia. With VAs best, Bottoms Creek just outside of town while also being sandwiched between the Gauley and Green. Be on the lookout for more updates and products soon.

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