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  1. Jeff

    I have been able to get the Swift out on some VA/ West VA classics like the Goshen Pass, and New river and have been very impressed by its river running capabilities. With hard edges and a planing hull this boat is a front surf dream. I am 5’9 and 150 pounds so with the Swift at 60 gallons I felt I could play the river but was also confident to make harder moves and boofs I might not attempt in my playboat (thanks to some bomber thigh hooks). Excited to get this boat on some big water during Gauley season. Cheers!

  2. Patrick (not the same Patrick as above)

    I had a chance to try out the Swift at Paddlefest this weekend and am a huge fan. I Ran Numbers and Fractions and had an absolute blast. If you like to carve in and out of eddies, surf, play the river, and want a fun, fast, and forgiving boat, the Swift is for you. The planing hull surfs like a dream, the boat is fast, quick edge to edge, and is very stable. I am a huge fan. This boat is a great choice for class III to class IV+. Not really designed for creeking but for everything else, you will be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable boat to paddle.

  3. Addison

    I have been paddling the Swift for a little over year now and I can definitively say…..I love it!! It is a top notch “mid volume” river runner. Just as others have said it surfs and carves like a dream but is big enough to inspire confidence on the tougher moves. This boat is also very stable, rolls with extreme ease, and is excellent for any level of paddler! I have taught several newbies the basics of whitewater with this kayak and they all love it. I’m 5′ 9″ and 150 lbs and think it handles great and I even feel very comfortable pushing it up to IV+ whitewater with rope bag, pin kit, and dry bag inside. If you weren’t already impressed….several of my buddies that are in the 6’+ 200 lb range have used the boat and rave about the way it handles. To top things off the boat has plenty of foot room, AWESOME thigh hooks, and simple but solid outfitting….what’s not to like??

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